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Epic Owner

Brussels, B
Job Description
The Group Digital Capabilities (GDC) Division ensures the competitiveness by delivering reliable and sustainable IT solutions for the financial securities markets.
Our technical teams deliver new IT solutions and improve existing applications for both our internal and external clients. We deploy changes into the production environment in a controlled and structured way that does not compromise production stability and we ensure applicative production support.
Our non-technical people maintain the maturity of the IT project delivery with appropriate controls in line with the group’s risk appetite and reducing development and running costs.
Emerging technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), cloud, artificial intelligence and API coupled with strategic trends such as ESG could be game-changers for our industry. We seek to seize opportunities created by these new technologies and strategic trends to develop product, services and capabilities addressing market inefficiencies and strengthen our market infrastructure role.
The Innovation tribe within IT is the delivery arm of these game changing digital capabilities, across business lines and entities. To support its growth and ambitions, we are reinforcing the team with an Epic Owner to coordinate all initiatives ongoing.
General Description
The Innovation tribe is looking for an Epic Owner to manage a group of related epics in the innovation domain. The Epic Owner has the end-to-end oversight on the epic from its initiation till its closure. He is responsible for setting up and executing the governance during the epic lifecycle and for managing the epic objectives. He drives the different dimensions of his epics and seeks the alignment of his various stakeholders during the different stages of the epic. This requires specialist agile and project/programme management experience as well as an understanding of the technical and business aspects of the Innovation domain.
Responsibilities of the Epic Owner include:
* Defining the epic and coordinating its implementation in line with organizational standards, policies, and principles.
* Meeting the epic objectives within quality, time, and budget targets and managing associated risks.
* Aligning the scope including POC/MVP and next increments definition of the epic with the Product Owners
* Obtaining the functional and technical solutions with the Architects/Engineers
* Agreeing on the delivery plans and costs with the (Tribe) Scrum masters/ Delivery Owners
* Compiling the feature roadmap and the epic investment proposal
* Managing the Epic SteerCo and reporting on the epic to/obtaining the approvals from the epic portfolio management

* Leads the development of the epic proposal to determine timeframe, budget, procedures for accomplishing the epic, staffing requirements and assignment of available resources to various phases of the epic.
* Coordinates various stakeholder to achieve epic objectives
* Oversees the business, technical, organizational and financial aspects of the epic
* Defines the overall epic governance and organisation, the deliverable scope and the associated responsibilities.
* Regularly report on progress at all levels, including sponsor & senior management
* Challenges and negotiates changes in epic scope with the Product Owner or sponsor
* Analyse requirements with the Product Owners and with the Domain Architects/Engineers to evaluate feasibility of epics in the inception phases
* Deals with changes and instability in the epic management processes, strategy and frameworks for epics with unusual size, timeframe or complexity
* Presents the epic proposal and gains the support from the stakeholders with the help of business or technical subject matter experts
* Could in some cases also negotiate and manage contracts with external suppliers with the support of specialized teams (e.g. Corporate Procurement)

* Requires a good business and technical understanding of product & IT developments gained in project/programme management roles and the interpersonal skills to influence decisions

Qualifications - Internal

You have
* at least 15 years of experience in product & IT development of which 10 years in project/programme management or similar role
* significant business and technical understanding of financial services and/or new technologies
* organizational skills and structured mindset
* strong leadership, facilitation and interpersonal skills
* experience in leading cross functional multi-disciplinary teams
* experience in managing and coaching teams (virtual and direct ones) in the areas of performance, standards and work methods
* very good analysis & investigation skills; ability to break down complex problems and develop solutions
* excellent communication skills (verbal, written, active listening) at all levels, from staff members to senior management level
* strong negotiation, conflict management and influencing skills at different levels of management
* solid knowledge of business and financial drivers
* ability to operate in a changing environment and to participate to the change
* assertiveness in driving tasks to completion
* experience of agile practices and methods,

* experience in a financial regulated environment is a plus

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