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Biological Data Modeler/Analyst

Mechelen, Mechelen

: Full time Freelance opportunity -  2 days/ week onsite in Mechelen 

We are looking for a senior Data Modeler/Data Analyst with strong background in designing,
implementing, and maintaining data models that represent the structure, relationships, and
constraints of data within a database or data warehouse. Their role involves collaborating
with business stakeholders to understand their data requirements, analyzing existing data
sources, and creating conceptual, logical, and physical data models to meet those

The candidates should demonstrate substantial hands-on experience in the following areas:
• Conducting Advanced Requirements Elicitation: Identifying and documenting data
analytics requirements in alignment with business objectives.
• Performing Specialized Data Analysis: Analyzing complex chemical and biological data
to derive insights for drug discovery.
• Developing Sophisticated Data Models: Creating comprehensive data models
(conceptual, logical, physical) for chemical and biological information.
• Implementing Data Models: Translating data models into Proof of Concept (PoC) and
ensuring scalability.
• Designing Automated Data Pipelines: Creating automatic data pipelines to facilitate
consistent data model implementation.
• Designing Database: Creating or modifying database schemas, tables, views, indexes,
and constraints to reflect the data model and ensure efficient data storage and retrieval.
• Building Analytical Data Marts: Constructing Data Marts containing analytical models for
specialized analysis.
• Crafting Advanced Reports and Visualizations: Generating insightful and interactive
reports and dashboards.
• Maintaining Comprehensive Documentation: Documenting the development of data
models, construction of pipelines, and analytical findings.
• Leveraging Relational Data Modelling Expertise: Applying relational data modelling
principles to optimize databases.

Education (add qualification if relevant) & experience:
• 3+ years of experience in Snowflake: Scalable data warehousing.
• 3+ years of experience in SQL (DBeaver): Advanced data querying and database
• 3+ years of experience in DBT & DBT Cloud: Data transformation and automation.
• 3+ years of experience in Spotfire: Data visualization and analytics.
• 3+ years of experience in Visual Paradigm: Database design and data modeling.
• 3+ years of in JSON File Formats: Efficient data interchange.
• Experience in API Usage (Postman): Data integration and manipulation.
• Experience in Confluence: Documentation and knowledge sharing.
• Experience in Jira: Project management and issue tracking.
• Knowledge of Benchling: Biological data management (specific to life sciences).
• Knowledge of Phaedra: High-content screening data analysis.
• Knowledge of LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System for lab data and
• Enthusiastic learner with a penchant for challenges.
• Effective communicator skilled in engaging with stakeholders.
• Values integrity, teamwork, commitment, and results orientation.
• Collaborative team player contributing positively to dynamics.
• Adaptable to fast-paced, evolving environments with an agile mindset.
• Proactive problem-solver tackling challenges with innovative solutions.
• Clear articulation of complex data insights to various audiences.
• Systematically addresses and resolves complex issues.
• Efficiently manages time and prioritizes tasks.

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