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Conversational AI Solution Engineer

Brussels, B
As Solution Engineer you analyse and translate requirements and processes into specifications. You propose end-to-end solutions as a team, that meets the customer needs and are cost-efficient. Via an iterative/ adaptable approach you challenge the requirements and specifications, and via MVP way of working you ensure rapid time to market and immediate value-creation

Skills & Experience
  • Experimenting approach towards effective operational mature delivery
  • Design, test and realize solutions together with our Domain Architect.
  • You are familiar with best practices around AI implementations for Conversation AI
  • Different NLP techniques, including intent recognition, entity extract & sentiment analysis
  • ML and DL algorithms used in chatbot development
  • Python development
  • API integration
  • User Experience Design and conversation design
  • Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure or google cloud
  • Conversational AI
  • Best Practices AI implementations
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